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Tax Deadline April 17

The Tax Deadline is approaching on April 17th. Have you done your takes yet? What are you waiting for?

If you are putting your taxes on the backburner because your books are out of order, I can help. I can put your books in order and prepare your taxes.

My name is Orlando Javien Jr.,  "I'll Keep Your Books, So You Can Keep Your Business!"

A Business Unexamined is not Worth Running

Many small business owners have high hopes when they open their first enterprise. To save money they try to wear all the hats. They do save money but where they save on payroll they spend in time. Time away from their families. Get your time back, save your family, get a better nights rest and get your books ready for your CPA.

My name is Orlando Javien Jr.,  "I'll Keep Your Books, So You Can Keep Your Family!"

A Do It Yourself Job Isn’t Always a Do It Yourself Job

It’s been said that a do it yourself job is only a do it yourself job if you know how to do it. If your books are overflowing a shoebox, basket or plastic bag then you probably don’t know how to do books. At Rancho Bernardo’s IAMbookkeeper.com we know how to do books.

“Allow us to keep your books so you can keep your business!”

What You Can Measure You Can Improve

It's been said, "What you can measure you can improve." If your goal is to lose weight but you never step on a scale; how will you know if you lost weight or gained weight? Your waist might be smaller but your butt might be bigger.

It is the same with your small business. If your books look like they fell out of a shoe box, how would you know if your making money or losing money? A box full of receipts is unmeasurable, at IAMbookkeeper.com we'll make your bookkeeping measurable.

My name is Orlando Javien Jr.,  the proud owner of IAMbookkeeper.com – Allow me to Keep Your Books, so you can Keep Your Business!

IAMBookkeeping Services Make You Feel Like Royalty

Time is fleeting in today's fast paced San Diego Small Business Environment, and IAMbookkeeper knows that time is one of the most precious things to a Small Business Owner like yourself.

Losing Time is a slippery slope… that typically leads down the path to More Loss… like Loss of Sleep, Peace of Mind, and even the loss of your growing Business. Well, no need to fear Sire… Orlando Javien Jr. is here to help recover your much deserved time & give you the Peaceful Sleep that only great San Diego Bookkeeping Services can allow. It's time to feel like a King or Queen Again, and allow yourself to rest assured, that your small businesses books are in good hands.

My name is Orlando Javien… and I'll Keep Your Books, So You Can Keep Your Kingdom!

The Man or Woman of Many Hats

As San Diego Small Business owners, we work hard to take care of our clients, our vendors, and of course our Bottom-Line! This critical need, to contol operating costs, has a tendancy to turn an entrepreneur like yourself, into the Owner + Marketing Manager + Sales Rep + Accountant +…. the list goes on! :)

I call this syndrome – "The Man or Woman of Many Hats." How many hats do you wear during your typical work week? Two? Four? SEVEN?!

We'd love to help!… and eleviate a bit of your future neck strain! Let IAMbookeeper take a couple of those hats off your head, and provide you more time to work ON your business, instead of IN your business… and hopefully more quality time for you to spend witrh your friends & family!

My name is Orlando Javien Jr., and I am the proud owner of IAMbookkeeper.com – Allow me to Keep Your Books, so you can Keep Your Business!

Small Business Bookkeeper Magic

My name is Orlando Javien Jr. and IAM a Bookkeeper!

I help alleviate the stress & mess that effects a large percentage of San Diego's Small Business Owners & Operators.

Are your pockets overflowing?… That's Great!…BUT are they overflowing with Organized Income or with Ruffled Receipts? How much time does this stress take away from your business, and more importantly your family?!

Let IAMbookkeeper help you turn your Small Business Bookkeeping WOES, into Small Business Bookkeeping WOWS! We can magically turn those unorganized reciepts & poorly kept books into The Time you've been working so hard for. :)

My name is Orlando Javien… and I'll Keep Your Books, So You Can Keep Your Business!

Find Time for Your Business

Do you ever find yourself wondering where all you time has gone? Ever wish for a 25 hour day, just to make up for the apparent loss?

As business owners we often spend so much time spreading ourselves thin, being the owner, the sales manager & even the bookkeeper, that we tend to work “in” our business… rather than “On” our business.

With IAMbookkeeper, a little bit of 1-2-3 Magic, and the Small Business Bookkeeping Services of San Diego Bookkeeper Orlando Javien Jr…. We can Keep Your Books, So You Can Keep Your Time!


Accounting help

Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

It’s been said, “what you can measure you can improve.” The problem is many small business owners don’t measure the performance of their company. Small business owners find themselves to busy to look at the numbers because of all the other hats they are wearing. This article sheds the light on the necessity of reviewing your financial picture.

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