Still Confused About Section 179?

What is the difference between Section 179 Expense vs. Special Depreciation Allowance?

According to the article from, the key difference is that Section 179 Expense (Expensing the entire asset in the year it is purchased) cannot increase the loss of a business. Special Depreciation Allowance (Expensing 50% of the assets value in the first year) can increase the loss to a business.

How Much Can I Depreciate?

Confused about depreciation? What is Section 179 Expense?


What is EITC? Earned Income Tax Credit


The Earned Income Tax Credit is a financial boost for workers earning $49,078 or less in 2011. Four of five eligible taxpayers filed for and received their EITC last year. The IRS wants you to get what you earned also, if you are eligible.

Here are the top 10 things the IRS wants you to know about this valuable credit, which has been making the lives of working people a little easier since 1975.

How to Understand a Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement shows how much money is coming in and going out of a business. Measure the success of a business using the tips in these free entrepreneur advice videos from professional business consultants on

Double Entry Accounting

What is a Debit and a Credit? What is double entry accounting? Confused with these accounting terms? Watch the video on to find out what these confusing terms mean.


The Accounting Cycle

What is a Profit Loss Statement & Balance Sheet? Profit Loss Statements & Balance Sheets are financial statements that tell you the small business owner where your money is coming from and going to. Without this information a small business owner is walking blind. A small business owner may think they are making more money because their volume is higher but they may miss that they are spending more to make it.

Record Keeping for a Small Business

Got receipts overflowing your pockets or stashed away in a box? How important is it for a small business owner  to keep good records? Your financial picture will tell you if you are making money or losing money and why. Garbage in, garbage out. If you are entering bad data into your bookkeeping software than you will have bad data to analyze your business.  Continued....


How to deduct car expenses

What can and can not be claimed as deductions on a tax return in relation to vehicle expenses? Continued...


What do you do when the headlines read Mass Layoffs?

How secure is your job? What if you were corralled into a large room, handed a box and told to collect your belongs and leave immediately? It is reality, maybe not yours yet but one day you may find yourself in the same shoes.  Continued...

How to Open a Small Busines

Have you lost your job? Are you tired of being unemployed? Have you ever wanted to ever open your own small business? In this video you will learn how to start your own business.  Continued....


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