As San Diego Small Business owners, we work hard to take care of our clients, our vendors, and of course our Bottom-Line! This critical need, to contol operating costs, has a tendancy to turn an entrepreneur like yourself, into the Owner + Marketing Manager + Sales Rep + Accountant +…. the list goes on! :)

I call this syndrome – "The Man or Woman of Many Hats." How many hats do you wear during your typical work week? Two? Four? SEVEN?!

We'd love to help!… and eleviate a bit of your future neck strain! Let IAMbookeeper take a couple of those hats off your head, and provide you more time to work ON your business, instead of IN your business… and hopefully more quality time for you to spend witrh your friends & family!

My name is Orlando Javien Jr., and I am the proud owner of – Allow me to Keep Your Books, so you can Keep Your Business!