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I AM Bookkeeper isn’t your traditional bookkeeping service. Although our goal is to get your books in order so you can concentrate on your business it is also our passion to share with you the positive energy that our company thrives on.

The Passion

At I AM Bookkeeper, our drive for quality relationships matter. Not only with our customers, but with our team… and it reflects in the work we produce. We don’t have jobs, we have careers. We don’t have projects, we have possibilities. Our business is built on the philosophy that tomorrow will be better than today and I have the ability to influence it.

The Life

I’ll keep your books so you can keep your business is more than a catchy slogan; it’s a way of approaching each day. You know what you do best. It’s running your business. It’s selling your product. It’s being with your family. If you had more time to focus on doing what you do best then you will find yourself thriving instead of just surviving. Focus on your strengths, allow me to focus on mine and together we will grow stronger.

I AM Bookkeeper – We are all authors of our own financial picture. Allow us to be the editor of your story!

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